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Dictionary Activities

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In this lesson, you will:

-- Practice locating new words in a dictionary using guide words.


-- Use dictionary definitions to understand the meaning of words and recognize when they are being used correctly.



Dictionaries are in alphabetical order. Use guide words to help you find YOUR word.

Drag and drop each word onto the right dictionary page. Use the guide words to help you organize the words alphabetically.


Match: cuisine, dilute, concur, debris, dingy, condor










Match: attempt, aisle, arable, amuck, alibi, assume










Match: serial, shrapnel, shank, shrewd, shiver, sermon












Read the definition below carefully.


Distinguish: v. 1. Notice or understanding the difference between two things. 2. Give an unusual quality that makes something different or better than others of the same type.

Distinguished adj: well-known and respected.


Is the word used correctly in the following sentences?


1. State police consider the man a distinguished bank robber. No/Yes


2. Can you distinguish male and female flies without a microscope? No/Yes


3. Amy is one of the most distinguished jazz musicians in Florida. No/Yes


4. Kenny finally distinguished his keys under the bed. No/Yes



Read the definition below carefully.


Omit: v.1. Leave out or fail to include. 2. Drop or remove from something.


Is the word used correctly in the following sentences?


1. Gail waited in line all day to be omitted from the popular show. No/Yes


2. He will omit unnecessary details from the letter to shorten it. No/Yes


3. Maria tripped on a rug and omitted the eggs from the carton. No/Yes


4. Ray was upset that they omitted him from the party’s guest list. No/Yes



Read the definition below carefully.

Retract v. 1. Draw or pull back in; take back. 2. Undo or unsay what has been done or said earlier.

Retractable adj. Capable of being drawn or pulled back in.


Is the word used correctly in the following sentences?


1. She retracted her thoughtless comments and apologized. No/Yes


2. He retracted the little girl before she fell into the pool. No/Yes


3. Cats can retract their claws. No/Yes


4. Al admitted eating the cake, but later retracted his confession. No/Yes

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