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Final Exam, 2006

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1. Draw the plot chart. Label it. Give definitions for the first and last points.


2. If an ad slogan says, “Everyone is doing it—you should too!”, what kind of ad technique is being used?


3. Choose any two poetry types. For each, give three characteristics.

Type_______________ Type________________

1. 1.

2. 2.

3. 3.


4. Identify the rhyme scheme of this poem:


Today I managed something

That I’ve never done before

I turned in this week’s spelling quiz

And got a perfect score


5. What kind of poem is this?


There once was an old man from Esser

Whose knowledge grew lesser and lesser

It at last grew so small,

He knew nothing at all,

And now he’s a college professor.


6. Write the mnemonic sentence for the parts of speech.


7. Write the parts of speech. Give a definition for EACH. Give examples for FOUR of them.


8. Identify the parts of speech in the following sentences. EACH WORD must be identified. Be specific!


John walked slowly toward me.


She resembles a green monster.


Wow! My cat won a gold medal!


Cats and dogs are friendly animals.


9. Read this short passage:

Pat left all the car windows open. Pat also did not lock the car doors. That night it poured for three hours.


Make an inference about Pat:


Make a prediction for what will happen:


10. What is wrong with this dialogue excerpt? Fix it so it is in correct play script format.


William: walks to door. When will I see you again


11. A book is divided into chapters. What is a play divided into?


12. You pick up a book and look at the back. The story is about a young soldier and a nurse who meet during the War of 1812. What genre bin does it belong to?


13. Identify the type of figurative language in each sentence. For each type, give a definition.


You are the sunshine of my life.




It’s so cold that my fingers have turned to icicles.




His face was as pale as the moon.




14. Decide where each word goes and write it in the blank. NOTE: Not all words in word bank will be used!!


Word bank: they’re, their, college, break, there, where, collage, brake, were, wear


When I go to __________ I will major in chemistry.


_________ is _________ house?


I better get my _________ fixed; I don’t want to get in a car accident.


What _______ they doing over _____________?


15. Draw a four square. Fill it out in response to this prompt:


What are the three most important inventions of all time?


Use the four square equation! Remember, a four square should not take very long.


ON THE BACK of this page, write the FIRST TWO PARAGRAPHS of the corresponding essay.

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