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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 10 months ago

Welcome to Julie's Teaching Wiki!






Beginning of the Year


Written Book Report Outline: I have not used this form, but I really like it.


Getting Started in the Writing Notebook: Heart Map Writing


Behavior Management and Reflections


Behavior Action Plan


Miscellaneous Resources and Lessons


Sponge Activities: Perfect for Do Now/Motivation prompts, or Trivia Tests


Dictionary Activities


Thesaurus Activities


Reference Worksheet


Media Study Unit Plan: Roughly three weeks; Involves students creating products and different types of ads. I also used this in class to tie in with the literature circles: the students made different types of group ads (and eventually acted out commercials) about their lit circle book.




Grammar Benchmark Quiz


Comma Rules


Comma Practice Sentences


Comma Lessons, Quizzes, and Answers: You can put these in page protectors and give students dry erase markers to make reusable handouts or informal quizzes.


Parts of Speech Test: I found this online; there's no answer key. Hope you know your stuff! :)


Noun Table: I found this helpful to help the kids learn how to classify nouns.


Spelling and Vocabulary


Spelling: FIN


Homophone Worksheet


Double Consonants Lesson


Persuasive Writing



Story Writing


Writing from a Picture: From ReadWriteThink.org.


Narrative Accounts Unit Plan


Intro/Lead Types and Examples


Leads Lesson: Reading and Writing Workshop, 2 Days


Setting Lesson: Reading and Writing Workshop, 1 Day


Plot Lessons: Three Days


Plot Activity Extension: This is a really fun activity that involves elements of plot, creativity, and acting!


Fiction Prompts


Developing Descriptive/Figurative Language


Poems Using Similes and Metaphors


Simile and Metaphor Quiz


Personification in Poetry


Hyperbole Examples




Patterns in Poetry: Using "Friendship" by Walter Dean Myers




Personification in Poetry


Poems Using Similes and Metaphors




All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury: Complete story and assessment questions/activities


Eleven by Sandra Cisneros: Complete story, themes, and discussion questions.


Echo and Narcissus: Use this for story-telling, and for vocabulary (especially "shun" and "narcissist").


Tests, Worksheets, and Handouts


Final Exam, 2006


Workshops and Conferences

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