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Heart Map Writig

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Mapping Our Hearts


Writing Topic Generation: Mapping our Hearts Mini-Lesson


Connect: Teacher talks about how sometimes he/she has a hard time coming up with ideas during writing workshop and before he/she knows it their time is over. Today we are going to start to make a list of ideas that we can always refer back to when we are stuck for a writing topic.


Teach: We write the best when we write about things that we know a lot about–things that are close to our heart. (Have a chart up with a big heart). For example, I know a lot about my pet, my sisters...list more examples. I can take any of these ideas and turn it into a story.


Active Engagement: Think about things you know a lot about. Turn and talk to someone next to you about things you could put in your heart.


Link: Today you can begin to put these ideas into your own heart to keep in your writing folder. That way you can always look back at it to find more writing ideas! Students fill out their own heart-shaped graphic organizers with things close to their hearts.


Share: Point out a few students who really put down a lot of ideas.

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