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Intro Types

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Well Begun Is Half Done

Great Ways To Begin Your “Places to Travel” Entry


Start at the Most Exciting Part.


“Ok, I’m ready!” I shouted, as I crossed my arms over my chest and scooted forward. I heard the water roar around me as I dropped off the waterslide.


Ask a Question.


Can you imagine what it would be like to beat your own sister in a tennis tournament?


Describe the Scene Using Your Five Senses.


Water gently laps against the rocks on the shoreline as the smell of pine trees and bug spray fill my nose. In the campfire circle, a group of counselors have started to build tonight’s bonfire. I set down my backpack and sit down at a picnic table. I’ve just arrived at Camp Wiyaka for my seventh summer.


Introduce an Interesting Character


Her hair had long-since gone gray and her hands might have shaken a little, but at age 98, my great-grandmother still loved to recite poetry and play the piano.


Eavesdrop on a Conversation.


“When are you going to learn those multiplication tables, young man?” my grandfather said.


Share a Surprising Fact or Experience.


For most kids, going to New York City would be a dream come true. For me, on my sixth grade youth group trip, it was a nightmare.


Just Say It.


In November 1993, I learned how to ride my bike.

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