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Spelling FIN

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 11 months ago

A Spelling Strategy



What's the last show of a television season?


season FINale


What's the last, comprehensive test you take at the end of the year?


FINal exam


What do you say when you've completed a task?


I'm FINished!


What do you see at the end of old-fashioned movies?




What are French and Spanish words for "the end"?




What's a term for limiting something?




What is the word for limiting an idea, say, the number of people you can fit in a phone booth?




What is the word when you set a limit or explanation to something?




What is the noun version of a limit or explanation for something?




How about the adverb version?



What does the root "FIN" mean?

An end or limit!

There are NO 'A's in the words define, definite, or definitely! No A! None, whatsoever! ZERO A!

Look! Now you know how to spell! Latin is your friend! So is etymology in general!


(PS, for word nerds like me: "finite" and "definite" are from different but still-related Latin root words definire and finire, so the "de" is NOT a negative prefix in this case. )

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