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Written Book Report Outline

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Written Book Report Outline


I. Introduction

a. State the title, author, and genre of the book.

b. Write one or two sentences that summarize what this book is about.

c. Identify the narrator of the story.

d. Clearly explain where and when does the story take place? Provide

relevant background information.


II. Characterization

a. Introduce the character by name and tell what role they play in the


b. Describe the character.

c. What important interactions take place between this character and

others in the story?

d. What words spoken in the story help us to understand this character?


e. In what way, if any, does the character change by the end of the


f. How do you feel about this character, and why?


III. Conflict

a. Describe the scene that involves the point of greatest tension in the


b. Show how it leads to the resolution of the conflict.


IV. Theme / Relativity

a. Tell how the novel ends.

b. Identify the author's message.

c. Explain how the theme applies to people in general.

d. Describe how the theme applies to you personally giving specific

examples from the book and your own life.

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